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  《瓦尔登湖》(Walden 或 Life in the Woods),nb88新博注册大陆译“瓦尔登湖”,台湾译“湖滨散记”,是美国作家亨利·戴维·梭罗所著的一本著名散文集。下面小编为大家搜索整理了瓦尔登湖的英语读后感,欢迎阅读。



nb88新博注册  Walden is a masterpiece written by Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), who was born in Concord, Massachusetts. The age he lived had witnessed the flourish of capitalism as well as the prosperity of industrialization and urbanization. During the 19th century, the American economy developed at so fast rate that most people were bound up in pursuing the material satisfaction , while ingored the spiritual life to a great extent. But Thoreau was quite different from other people, he disdained the modern civilization and attached more importance to the spirit than the material. He thought many people of his time lived in a non-human-like modern society and many modern appliances, such as trains and telegraphs, had done harm to people's harmonious life peace and also broken the relationship between human and nature.

  In order to prove that without the modern instruments , people can also live a happy life, in 1845, he moved into a cabin on the shore of Walden Pond and live there alone for two years to get close to the nature .Walden, is the famous book mainly talks about his life and thoughts during those days living in the woods .

  Thoreau was so happy with the life living near the lake of Walden that he felt it a sweet grace to have the nature' accompany and even the sounds of rain and the sights around his house were full of sincere friendship. In his eyes, the nature was an intimate friend of him and all things in the nature were lively and vivacious. And all kinds of animals in the wood, such as field mouses, robins and wild rabbits were amicably treated and regarded as his adorable companions. He even thought that plants were also had the right to live equal with human beings. Just because of this, he even blamed himself for hitting chestnut trees with stones. From many words or sentences, we can easily feel Thoreau's deep love and care towards nature.

  Besides, Thoreau was a pioneering nature lover, who called on people to stop destorying nature but protect it by setting himself an example to others. The consciousness of the environmental protection is becoming more and more important in our modern society, while the whole world is trapped in some serious ecological crisises resulting from hunting and killing animals, cutting down trees and polluting the rivers for pursuit of human beings' own interests. We all have the common sense that the number of wildlife is decreasing, the area of lake is shrinking, and the water is not clear any more. What's worse, environment problems such as globe warming, climate change and air and water pollution are deteriorating during the commercial process . So it's high time that we should realize we never be the dominator of the whole world conquring nature, but should spare no efforts to improve the environment right away. That is, we should comply with the natural laws, make reasonable utilization of natural resources and keep the harmonious development between the society and the environment. Only in this way will we has an opportunity to embrace a bright future and achieve a sustainable society .

nb88新博注册  In the book, Walden, Thoreau not only advocated the protection of nature, but also encourage people to comprehend and return to nature. He told us using his own experience that by living a simple life close to nature, we human beings will find out the true value of life and significance of existence.

  After reading the book, what impressed me most is the description of the fascinating scenery around the Walden pound, especially these sentences: "A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. The fluviatile trees next the shore are the slender eyelashes which fringe it, and the wooded hills and cliffs around are its overhanging brows". To Thoreau, the Walden lake is like a charming and melting girl , who has slender eyelashes and likes to dress herself in different beautiful clothes with the changes of different seasons.

  Every morning after getting up, Thoreau would have a bath in the Walden lake to start a new day. After that, he used to wander around the pond and refresh himself with the fresh air. In summer days , he cultivated a piece of land and growed beans, blackberries, johnsworts and the like. The depiction of his leisure rurality spontaneously reminds me of Tao Yuanming, the famous Chinese poet, who lived in the Jin Dynasty and made his life meaningful by returning to the nature and perfecting himself. If Thoreau and Tao Yuanming lived in the same period and place, they would probably become best friends.

  From the book, we know that during the years when Thoreau lived near the Walden, he did not completely isolate himself from the outside world. Sometimes he went to the town and did odd jobs and would receive visitors and friends in his cabin at times. As I mention before, the intention for his living in the woods was that he wanted to teach people how to live a simple life, achieve enjoyment from the nature, free oneself from the strained daily life and what is more important is to reevaluate the value of social life.

nb88新博注册  Thoreau's though of enjoying a simple life has a more realistic significance and have become a valuable spiritual wealth in our modern society. With the development of the material civilization, people's desires are swelling limitlessly and many people are busy with the pursuit of wealth and luxurious life by any means, including at the expense of nature. However, even in the society materially affluent and technologically advanced , people are not be more happier than those people who lived centuries ago, but even feel less satisfactory and complaint more about their present life as a result of having unbounded desires of getting more and better. Therefore, many people who possess a lat have become slaves of machine, working more but do not have the ability to enjoy what they have.

nb88新博注册  In the book Walden, Thoreau had realize this problem several hundreds ago. Thus, he set his mind to give a enlightenment to awake people and encourage them to live a simple life. His thoughts have great similarity with the belief of our Chinese humanism, that is, the meaning of life lies in the sane and healthy enjoyment of a simple life. In fact, Thoreau and his teacher and friend Emerson praised highly on Confucianism and both them benefited a lot from it. I am very happy to see the interlinked place between Chinese culture and western culture.

  Reading this book is like having a tranquil steam flow through my heart, washing the dust in my mind. It teaches me how to keep a pure spirit in the complex society, set proper goals for my life as well as enjoy the endows of nature. In short, I feel it quite worthwhile to read the book Walden. I sincerely hope more and more people would like to read this book and receive benefits from it.


  When Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) set out for the Walden woods in Massachusetts on Independence Day, 1845, the United States was still a young nation. The book that he published in 1854, Walden, is based upon his experiences as a youth.

nb88新博注册  1845年美国独立日那天,亨利·戴维·梭罗出发前往位于马萨诸塞州的瓦尔登湖畔的树林,那时美国还是一个年轻的国家。1854年出版的《瓦尔登湖》,便是他基于自己年轻时的经历所著。

  The young don’t yet know how to live. They must experience the world and reflect upon their experiences in order to gain knowledge. The same is true of a nation. The book’s status as a classic shows that what Thoreau had to say echoed in the souls of other Americans.

nb88新博注册  年轻人还不懂得如何生活。为了获取知识,他们必须感受这个世界并反思自身经历。一个国家也是如此。这本书的经典之处就在于梭罗书中所言在其他美国人的心中产生了共鸣。

nb88新博注册  And it’s not just his fellow countrymen who relate to the story – Walden is read all over the world. If it can be enjoyed by non-Americans, this is because Thoreau set out to find what the basic principles of life are, no matter where we’re from. We may not agree with his answers, but we identify with his quest for meaning. This is probably why Walden is still loved by so many people, even 200 years after Thoreau’s birth, the anniversary of which will fall on July 12 this year.

  不仅仅是他的同胞和这个故事息息相关 —— 《瓦尔登湖》在世界各地都广泛流传。如果美国之外的读者也喜爱这本书,那是因为梭罗是从寻找人生真谛出发的,不论我们来自于何处。我们或许并不赞同他的答案,但我们和他对于生活意义的追求是一致的。这或许便是《瓦尔登湖》在梭罗诞生200年后依然深受喜爱的原因。今年的`7月12日,梭罗将迎来诞辰200周年。

  Thoreau looked around him and saw the beginnings of industrialism and found it ugly. He disliked the factories and he disliked what they produced. He objected to consumerism, suspectingthat it took people away from their real concerns. Men and women lived lives of “quiet desperation” because modern life was leading them astray.

nb88新博注册  梭罗环视周遭,目睹了nb88新博注册主义的开端并发现了其丑恶之处。他并不喜欢工厂,也不喜欢它们生产的东西。他拒绝消费主义,怀疑它会将人们带离他们真正关心的事情。男男女女都生活在“寂静的绝望”之中,因为现代生活将他们引入歧途。

nb88新博注册  In Walden, he would find what he hoped was really “essential”. As he writes near the beginning of the book, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” This is the major theme of the book. He hoped nature could be his guide and his teacher.


nb88新博注册  We should not think that Thoreau was simply withdrawing from the world. He didn’t go to Walden only to stare into the surface of lakes and observe wildlife. He went there because he was disgusted by modern civilization. Ironically, some of the people that Thoreau met around Walden wanted the opposite to him. If he wanted to escape from civilization, they wanted to get out of nature and leave it for a more exciting existence in the town.


  Thoreau was greatly influenced by ancient Greece and Rome. And in a sense, the philosophy of the book he wrote is very classical. Socrates once said that the “unexamined life is not worth living”, but what was Thoreau doing in his cabin in the woods if not examining life? Not only was he examining his own, but the life of America and its people in general.











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