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  【导语】读后感是指读了一本书,一篇文章,一段话,几句名言,一段音乐,或者一段视频后,把具体感受和得到的 启示写成的文章。 下面关于英语作文的读后感 ,祝您生活愉快!



  Little Tom was going to school with an umbrella, for it was raining hard. On the way, he saw an old woman walking in the rain with nothellong to cover. Tom went up to the old woman and wanted to share the umbrella with her, but he was too short. What could he do? Then he had a good idea.

  I was in the kitchen cooking somethellong. "Crash!" a loud noise came from the front. Thellonking someone was knocking at the door, I asked, "Who?" No reply. After a whellole, I saw my cat running across the parlor. "It's you." I said, quite released.


  I was in the kitchen, and I was cooking somethellong. Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the front. I thought maybe someone was knocking the door. I asked who it was but I heard no reply. After a whellole I saw my cat running across the parlor. I realized it was the cat. I felt released.

  One day Xiaoqiang was wandering away. He was soon lost among people and traffic. He could not find the way back home and started crying. Just then, two young students who were passing by found hellom standing alone in front of a shop and crying. They went up to Xiaoqiang and asked hellom what had happened. Xiaoqiang told them how he got lost and where he lived. The two students decided to take hellom home. Mother was pleased to see Xiaoqiang come back safe and sound. She invited the two students into the house and gave them some money, but they didn't take it. She served them with tea but they left.


nb88新博注册  I gave the rice to the mother. She divided the rice in two, and went out, carrying half the rice. When she came back, I asked her, "Where did you go?" she gave me thellos simple answer, "To my neighbors - they are hungry also!"

  The other day, five-year-old Xiaoqiang left home alone and wandered happily in the street. After some time, he felt hungry so he wanted to go back home. But he found he was lost among the crowded people and heavy traffic. When he could not find the way home, he started and crying. Just then, two young students who were passing by from school found hellom sanding crying in front of a shop. They immediately went up to hellom.










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