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nb88新博注册  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

  Have you always been reluctant to go to bed in the evening, while reluctant to wake up in the morning? Have you ever stayed up late to finish your homework? Do you often put off your important work later and later? If your answer is YES, my friend, you might have a bad habit . It’s called PROCRASTINATION.

  What is procrastination? Basically, it is the act of putting off essential tasks until a later time. That is to say, you are lazy to do things in immediate time. For example, 3 weeks ago, Li Wei told me that I could deliver my C5 speech on March the 1st , that is today. I said OK, no problem.! Of course, “3 weeks” to me, that’s enough time to prepare a good speech. However, until last Wednesday, Li Wei reminded me again about my speech, and asked me to give the title before Friday. Then I suddenly felt nervous, “ oh my god! There’s only one week left for me to prepare, I must get started tomorrow!” The next 2 days, I was so busy looking for a right topic, but my head was like twisted, ended up with no idea. Until Saturday morning, I could finally send a title to Li Wei”Don’t Be Lazy”, just like to catch the deadline. But just after that, I found nothing interesting to write about this topic. You know what? At last, I had to change the title again the very next day. This whole thing made me very upset. I started to question myself, why couldn’t I prepare the speech earlier? Why should I suffer from such stress and anxiety? Am I lazy? Or just too confident to finish my task until last minute?

nb88新博注册  I tried to understand the reason of my bad mood and the awkward situation. I surfed the internet, and learned this word Procrastination. I found it is a very common phenomenon already popular from our school time! According to an academic survey, 80%-95% school students engage in procrastination, about 75% considering themselves procrastination. The worse thing is, this bad habit grows with us, from school time to our future career and life, preventing us from doing things efficiently, weakening our ability to achieve our goals, bringing us panic and even mental illness. There are some simple reasons for this. Such as, the task seems too difficult , time is not enough, lack of knowledge or skills, fears of making mistakes, and so on. There are also some complex reasons like perfectionism, low frustration tolerance, and lack of self-confidence.

  Is it possible for us to overcome procrastination? Yes. We can do it step by step.

  Step 1, acknowledge that you are delaying a task;

  Step 2, list the reasons why you are delaying the task;

  Step 3, discuss the reasons and list ways to overcome them;

  Step 4, begin the task immediately!

  In order to do this successfully, you need towrite down your task in a visible place, and put it on the wall with deadline marked. Try to break the task into components, small goals will be easy to achieve. “To earn a 100 million first” is a good idea. Then you need totell everybody about your goal, they will motivate you along the way. And try to encourage yourself all the way by rewarding yourself for a job well done. All these useful tips will help you.

  My dear friends, procrastination is our enemy, like a thief stealing our time and dreams. Overcoming it will do you a great favor in terms of study and life. Whatever we need to do, just do it now! Action is most important. If you want to go travel, take action! If you want to learn driving, take action! If you want to keep fit, take action! If you want to show your love to somebody, take action! If you want to fire your stupid boss, take action! If you want to do a speech, take action! If you want to say goodbye to PROCRASTINATION, take action!

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